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Why Your Mind Is Your Primary Instrument

Your mind is a machine, that serves thought after thought. You don't choose the thoughts your mind serves. If you identify AS your mind, you are lost in the movie it projects, and will always feel insecure about life's ups and downs. Understanding what your mind really is to you, an instrument, frees you from it's movie and allows you to use your mind to serve your true goals in life.

How To Empower Your Self Realization

As you see what your mind is and how it works, you will better understand how the Vedantic practice of Self-Inquiry works. Many people are passionate about gaining direct knowledge of their true nature, this awareness, yet they don't know how to actually practice what the teachings are telling us. This workshop will explain that in detail.

How To Deal With Life

Just because you know that you are awareness, and you have a qualified teacher in James Swartz, that doesn't make life entirely easier, does it? Whether you are self-realized or not, the mind continues with it's positive and negative vasanas. In this workshop you will learn  how to transform the negative vasanas that are holding you back from enjoying your day to day, in spite of the fact that life continues to be up ... and down.

How To Create Your Daily Practice

If you don't own your mind and make it serve that which is most important to you, it will go on, day after day, serving it's own habits, some of which are pleasant and others painful. The key to conditioning your mind to realize your self and enjoy your life is practice, daily practice. In this workshop you will learn how you can spend a small amount of time upgrading your mind, and get very big results.




"It's an excellent book and course, this will help a lot of people".
James Swartz


"I'm finding Calm To The Core to be an essential tool for gaining control of my mind and thus my life, and adding immeasurably to my self inquiry practice."
Spencer McDonald


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"I've been working with Christian's Calm To The Core immersion course. The results are unbelievable and I'm so grateful to have this clear and direct practical knowledge. This really is the fast track to freedom."
Santessa Rey


"I have been deeply immersed in Vedanta with James for two years. I am loving Calm To The Core. The Mindset practice has super-charged my self inquiry."
Eaden Shantay


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Christian Leeby teaching Mastering Mind Control at James Swartz's recent satsang in Trout Lake. This course will give you a daily practice that will maximize your ability to realize the self and live happily in this world, regardless of life's ups and downs.

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