Video #4:
How To Get The Benefits
From This Knowledge

So your mind is your primary instrument, because it creates every experience you ever have ... yet you don't choose the thoughts that come out of your mind, they just appear like songs coming out of a radio.

Now, how do you get the benefits of that knowledge?

Very simple, you remember it.

Imagine you're in a situation where something stressful happens, and you have a strong feeling and an automatic reaction. If you simply remember that what you're experiencing is coming from the habitual thoughts your mind serves, you won't be "trapped" in the movie your mind is projecting.

You won't be pushed around by your habit-thoughts. You'll be able to look at your reactions, and the thoughts that are being served by your mind, and make decisions that will help you serve your highest values.

THAT - is how you free yourself from feeling dependent on what's happening in life, and empower yourself to manage that which actually creates your experiences; your mind.

So how do you remember this knowledge, and make sure your mind will remember it when you most need it?

You create a simple, daily practice that conditions your mind to serve you, and your values, and you show up and follow through with your practice every day!