Video #3:
You Don't Choose Your Thoughts,
Yet They Determine Your Experience

In video #1 I pointed out that most people know happiness has to come from inside, rather than the outside world, but they don't know how to get it.

In video #2 I showed you how easy it is to remember ... that what you feel and experience is not actually coming from the world around you, but instead, is coming from how your mind automatically reacts to the world.

Understanding that your experience is always completely determined by your thoughts is the first step toward "getting" the happiness that's inside.


Because we generally believe the movie that the mind projects, and think we need to change something in the world to get the happiness we want.

If you understand that everything you experience, including happiness and unhappiness, only ever comes from your thoughts, then you won't make the mistake of looking in the wrong place when you want to feel better, you'll know exactly where to look - at your thoughts.

So if your "problems" really come from your thoughts, and not the world outside, then you should know how your thoughts work, so you can work them!

That's what this video is all about ...