Is Your Body You ... Or Is Your Body
Known To You?


In this moment, real time, examine two things.
 The sense of "me" that never changes and
 your body that never, ever stops changing. 

It's totally obvious.
 You are the knower of your body.

 The awareness you feel like you "utilize" 
to watch, read, and think ...

... right now,

 is the you.

Video #2 - Make It Concise

When you have the luxury of time to go deep on specific self-inquiries, identity mantras, then go slow and think through the logic, from point A to point Z, like in the top video.

That way, when you don't have time to actually think through it, you can repeat your concise inquiry with confidence. You know it's solid.

Understand, Vedanta gives us the map. It's up to you to figure out what your highest leverage identity mantras are, and all of the various ways you can best assimilate them into your 24/7.

Always be confident, once you know the meaning of an inquiry, to change the words to suit your mind perfectly. This is exactly what you are meant to do.