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Live Online Webinar with Christian Leeby

You can Watch it Here if Your Webinar Link is not Working

But first, see if you can make your link work by doing the following then trying again:

-Close all applications, including Facebook

-Consider re-starting your computer

-Open a new browser and try the link again

If Nothing Works...

You can watch the live stream here, in the video player above.

If you're reading this, but nothing is working, there's still nothing to worry about . . . because I'm going to send you the Replay Link and you can watch the whole thing at your convenience.

The Point Is...

Mastering Your Mind means NOT being pushed around by REACTIONS. Life happens, internet connections fail, computers are a pain at times . . .

. . . but the point is "How Do You Want To Show Up?"

This isn't really a problem, it's just an inconvenience. You're going to get everything you showed up for,  so take a breath, accept what Life is giving right now, stay positive and make a plan for watching the Replay (-: