A Life-Changing Retreat

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This 9 day retreat is a brilliant balance between the magic of India and the inner journey achieved through daily Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments.

Recharge your "life perspective" by reconnecting to the ease and wisdom that is always deep inside of you...

...not by practicing or efforting but by relaxing and receiving ancient body treatments, clean healthy meals, and impeccably devoted care.

Follow the call to unplug from your daily grind and spend some easy time with your sweet dear self.

When you return your life will be the same, but you won't.

Included In Your Retreat

  • 9 Days & 9 Nights
  • All Daily Meals Freshly Prepared
  • Daily Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Group Trip to Mysore Palace
  • Group Trip to Chamundi Temple
  • Group Trip to Giant Nandi
  • Transport From Mysore Airport to Spa

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Welcome To The Ayurvedic Spa

What People Are Saying...

Owls, Cottages and Treatment Rooms

Excursion to Chamundi Temple & Giant Nandi

Excursion to The Mysore Palace

Shopping For Precious Gems

How I Knew I Found Something Special

Choose Your Accommodations

This is one of the basic rooms. Nice, clean, sufficient, but nothing fancy and no AC, which normally isn't needed in November anyways. Each room has it's own private bathroom.

The basic rooms are in this building.

Deluxe rooms have a small entry room, a bedroom, an attached bathroom, and AC.

Watch the video of a Deluxe Room
Each unit unique.

Cottages have one large room and a large walk-in bathroom.

Watch video: Cottage #1

Watch video: Cottage #2

Retreat Prices

These prices are per person and include 9 nights and 9 days at the Ayurvedic Healing Center including your room, 3 meals per day, daily ayurvedic treatments, daily yoga classes to choose from and group excursions to The Mysore Palace, Chamundi Temple and Giant Nandi.

To reach the Ayurvedic Healing Center fly into Bangalore International airport. Then take a 1 hour flight into Mysore where you'll be picked up at the airport. Or we can arrange for you to be picked up at the Bangalore airport and driven to Mysore (4 hour drive) if you'd like to see the sights.

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Fly into Bangalore Int'l Airport then take a 1 hour flight to Mysore or a 4 hour drive if you want to see the sights..

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Rooms Are Limited...Save Your Spot