Own Your Mind - Love Your Life

The Simple 10-Minute Mindset
Practice You Can Use To:

  • Stop Obsessing
  • Gain Rock Solid Confidence
  • Clarify Your Purpose
  • Empower Your Actions
  • Live Up To Yourself

Your Problems Are Not What They Seem

Your problems don't come from the world outside of you, they come from how your mind reacts to things.

But that's hard to remember because your mind projects a movie that creates compelling emotions which instantly convince you that your pain comes from people and events outside of you.

So you try to control, change, or arrange people and events outside of you, which is ultimately impossible.

Even though you know your happiness doesn't come from outside, you're living your life as if it does.

The movie of the mind constantly tells us that our problems come from outside…but that movie itself is actually our only problem…

…or more accurately, “believing that movie” is our only problem.

Once you see your mind for what it really is you’re instantly free of it, which then empowers you to make massive use of it toward whatever goals you hold most dear.

Nobody Ever Told You ...

...the most important key to living your best life.

You are not your mind. Your mind is an instrument to you.

Don’t take my word for it, that won’t do you any good. If you contemplate on this enough your own understanding of this truth will do you a LOT of good (like give you the key to contentment).

Your mind is a little machine, that makes thoughts all the time. Nothing could be more obvious.

Like your ears and your eyes, your mind works on auto-pilot all the time, yet you can take control of it whenever you want.

Most people are literally lost in the movie of their mind, and don’t have the perspective to observe their own minds because they think they ARE that mind.

Simple observation will make it plainly obvious that you are separate from your mind because you can observe it, that you don’t choose what comes out of your mind, and that you can take full control over your mind anytime you choose.

Own Your Mind - Love Your Life

When you clearly see your mind as a little machine, you can own it as the actual instrument it is to you, which is like starting life all over again.

In an instant you'll see that you've never actually been "trapped" in the problems you've been suffering, and you can take your life in absolutely any direction you want.

You don't have to do anything to own your mind except remember that you are not it, while also remembering that your mind's activity completely rules your experience.

As long as you don't get lost in the movie of your mind you can enjoy it, as the miracle and gift that it is.

Owning your mind, therefore, creates authentic gratitude which is what makes contentment and peace real, even in the tough times.

And as you realize for yourself, how everything you experience comes only from your mind, you understand that the quality of your life does not depend on what you get or who does what to you.

The quality of your life depends on your mind. When you own your mind as the instrument it is to you, you are fully empowered to play this game called life in style.