Relieve Pain & Regain Energy with Easy
Yoga Techniques That Use Ropes
To Do The Work For You

Saturday, January 20th
10:30am - 11:45am
Golden, CO

In This Specialized Class You Will:

  • Practice Effortless Techniques
  • Relieve Pain & Restore Energy
  • Enjoy A Small Class Size
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Discover How Easy It Is To Relieve Pain And
Restore Energy Using Yoga Ropes.

Most aches and pains come from crooked bodies...

Poor posture and repeated movements over years and years makes the body uneven, causing stress, wear, and tear.

Address the root cause by balancing your body.

Don't know how to do that? No worries...

The Ropes do it for you...

Why Yoga Ropes Are So Effective

When used correctly Yoga Ropes:

  1. Create space between joints
  2. Re-Balance the body

As you'll see using the ropes is very comfortable.

One one hand the ropes create a gentle traction which gives an immediate sense of relief as you feel the space come back in your body.

And at the same time, the rope always pulls evenly which brings your body back into proper alignment with easy repetitions and time.

This Special Class Is The Best Way
To "Learn The Ropes"

This class is limited to 8 to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

In this class you will:

  1. Most importantly be comfortable
  2. Have your own set of ropes
  3. Get individual attention
  4. Own these techniques forever
  5. Be able to do them all at home

Come enjoy this high value class so you can use these "little-known" techniques for yourself and anyone you choose to help...for the rest of your life.

Solid Teachings Based On
Decades Of Experience

I've been to India 7 times and spent 30 years studying and teaching this stuff...so you don't have to! Stand on my shoulders and get all the experience my years of working with others have given me.

In this class you will learn the same techniques I've used to:

  • Help people fix pains they thought would never go away
  • Help people avoid surgeries
  • Help people get their energy back
  • Help teachers help their clients

You will understand the principles, the set ups, and be able to re-create everything easily at home.

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Take advantage of this special, limited size class, before all spots are gone.

This is a special occasion, to study such a unique and powerful part of yoga in such a small, high quality setting.

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Reserve Your Spot Now$21

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[simpay id="6075"]