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I’ve personally seen Yoga help people with body pains (back, neck, hip, migraine headaches, etc), organic issues (asthma, high and low blood pressure, hyper and hypo thyroid, etc) as well as emotional issues (depression, anxiety, etc). In many cases these problems were completely resolved!

How can this be? How can Yoga help so many different people, with so many different problems?

Because it balances the body.

Think about it. When muscles are imbalanced, some too tight and others too weak, they pull the bones out of balance. It’s obvious that a twisted skeleton can create back, hip, or neck pain, but it can also mess up the way the nervous system works, as well as the circulatory system. When the nerves and/or blood flow are not functioning correctly, the “inner body” is compromised, creating any kind of internal issues, including chemical imbalances which disrupt the emotions.

So if your muscles are balanced that’s good; a whole lot of other parts of your body will be good. But if your muscles are imbalanced, there’s a deep trickle-down effect all the way to your organs and emotions.

Yoga balances the body.

At first the Yoga poses work on the muscles and bones. Over time as the muscles become more supple and toned, and as the skeleton becomes mobile, stable, and aligned, the internal organs begin to reap the rewards of Yoga practice.

The best part is that at every step you feel better and better, and that happens every time you practice.

The more you practice, the better you feel.

But there’s a catch; you have to practice correctly!
Because . . . muscular imbalances have been there for a long time, so when you stretch they will rule the way you stretch.

We all have imbalances in our bodies. The feet don't point the same direction when we stand of walk. One hip is higher or forward. One shoulder is closer to the ear, one shoulder rolls forward more. One side of the neck is shorter than the other.

We all have our unique "imbalances", and they have developed over our entire lifetimes.

So let's say that your left leg is tighter than your right leg. When you do any Yoga pose that left leg will pull harder on the pelvis than the right, which will twist the pelvis. When the pelvis gets twisted the spine is obligated to twist with it, as well the shoulders and neck.

Here you are putting all of this time and energy into your Yoga practice. You're getting more flexible, stronger, and better able to balance let's say on one foot. But the whole time your ancient "imbalances" are maintaining their same influence - even when you're in the Yoga poses!

Practicing Yoga correctly means practicing with proper form, correct alignment, so the Yoga poses actually tone the loose muscles, stretch the tight ones, and start bringing better balance to our lifelong patterns.

When we practice Yoga correctly we get way more out of the practice, which is really good news for everyone. If you're not really into Yoga and don't want to carve out time from your schedule but you're  interested in the benefits, you can get a lot from just 1 minute of practice per day - if you practice correctly. Check out my 7 free videos if you don't believe me on that one. For those of us who love Yoga and want to practice as much as we can, correct practice keeps us safe, allows us to move deeper into poses, and of course gives the best results.

That's the secret, practicing correctly. And that's what this site, blog, and online community is all about - helping you get the most out of the amazing benefits that await you from practicing Yoga.