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Watch This Video First: How Yoga Helps


Back pain is debilitating, draining, frustrating . . . it’s horrible. I know all about it because I suffered from low back pain for years, until I fixed it with Yoga.


Not all Yoga classes are created equal - truth is you’d be crazy to just walk into any yoga studio if you’re back is hurting.


But if you know what you’re doing, and you do it correctly, the right yoga poses are very safe and extremely effective.


In the above video I explain the importance of:

- Practicing very simple, very safe poses where you can:

1. control your form so you’re sure to correct the imbalances

2. create good extension in the spine


The two videos below are both excellent poses for lower back pain. Watch the videos, then give them a try.


The above video is just a quick look at the pose. Click here to get 7 free videos that slowly and methodically teach you exactly how to do this pose.


The video below carefully shows you how to do another excellent pose for low back pain. To get the most out of it you use a rope or belt to create a gentle traction. It's still good if you don't have a rope, so follow along either way, but if you stick with it be sure and try it with a belt, it's much, much better.



Let me know how it goes, or if you have any questions. Yoga for back pain is safe and effective when done correctly.

In general people find that it's uncomfortable doing the poses, but the back does end up feeling better. If that's the case for you, then do these a lot. You can practice the Modified Downward Facing Dog just about anywhere, and the more times you do it throughout the day, the easier it becomes and the better your back will be.

Here's to a pain free back with no medications! Good Luck!